Haggling Over Price

There is an old story about a man out on a date with a woman to whom he is very attracted. During dinner he gets up the nerve to ask her, “Would you sleep with me for a million dollar?” After thinking about it for a while, she says, “Yes, I will.”  A little while later, he asks, “Would you sleep with me for a dollar?” Insulted, she quickly responds angrily, “What do you think I am?” He replied, “We’ve already established that. Now we’re just haggling over price.”

Today, many men and women readily give away their greatest physical intimacy. There is no consideration for anything other than immediate gratification. The gratification sought can be physical or emotional or both. But in any case, it is sought without regard to the conscience. Sometimes there is no conscience speaking at all. Sometime it speaks, but is just stuffed into the darkness and disregarded.

God’s Word tells us we are not to commit adultery. We usually think that means we are not to have extramarital sex. That’s part of it. But God tells us adultery is more than that. It is also lust. He tells us that one who lusts after another also commits adultery. He is very specific that sex is for marriage only and that marriage is one man and one woman. Nothing less. Nothing more.

So, whether one sells their sex or one gives it away outside of marriage, it is adultery. Lusting after images or pornographic videos is adultery. And if we continue to repeat these behaviors, we numb our conscience and put ourselves in grave danger. What’s grave danger? Grave danger is eternal separation from God. Eternal separation in eternal agony.

Fortunately, by God’s grace, He gives forgiveness and salvation to those who confess their sins (to Him), repent (change their way of living) and trust in Jesus their Savior. It’s not as hard for us as we think. We just have to stop willfully walking away from Him. And you don’t have to take my word for it. You can read His Word. Just pick up a Bible. Start with the book of John. He’ll give you all the answers that matter.

Choice Is Not The Answer

I believe God when He said you should not murder.And I trust my conscience to know that it is wrong to take a life. I know life begins at conception. I didn’t say believe, I said know. What is abortion if it is not stopping a life? And because it stops a life intentionally, it is murder. Thus, what is contained in this video and conversation is very sad. And it is contrary to God’s will for us. It is a willful dismissal and termination of a life. And as suspected by the reporters asking the question, a trivialization. How is it that when an abortion is sought by the mother, it is OK. But if she is murdered and the baby dies, the murderer is guilty of two murders? Yes, abortion is murder, no matter whose choice it is. And neither it nor the baby are trivial. Choice is not the answer.

Thankfully, for those who confess, repent (change their way of living) and trust in Jesus their Savior, there is forgiveness. And in His forgiveness, there is peace, comfort and hope.

Hell on Earth … and what are you going to do about it?

On April 15th, in northern Nigeria, 326 girls, ages 15- 18 were kidnapped from their boarding school by Boko Haram, a militant Muslim extremist group. (Boko Haram reportedly means ‘western education is a sin.’) I saw this a 2nd time in a NY Times Op-Ed piece by a Mr. Nicholas Kristoff on May 3rd.

These girls were taken to be auctioned off as ‘wives’ for the terrorists. Whatever the reason, I am certain that their lives are a living hell. Although 50 of the girls escaped, 275 are still in captivity. You can imagine what the terrorists, who have no regard for life in general, and who hold women in great disdain, are doing to these girls. Every moment for each girl is filled with sheer terror and abject humiliation. Each has probably been raped at least once. Each has probably been tortured. Many may have already been killed. Their bodies have been violated beyond anything you have ever encountered, probably beyond anything you can even imagine.

STOP for a moment! If you think you are not capable of making a difference in the lives of these 276 teenage girls, give me just a minute here.

Go and get a pointed but dull tool, like a letter opener or a screwdriver. Now take it and press it into any part of your body until it hurts. How was that? You see, there are two considerations here.

First, this hurts. Pain is real. It is not just a word in an article. It is not just a ‘scale’ in your doctor’s office or the ER. Second, pain inflicted by someone other than yourself is out of your control. When that other person doesn’t care about you at all, there is no limit to the pain they are willing to inflict. They don’t care about how badly they hurt you. They don’t care how long they hurt you. And they don’t care if you live or die. And unless you die, they will not stop.

It is embarrassing to me that Secretary of State Kerry, in response to being asked about this terrifying crime, said that the United States is applying pressure. I don’t know the details of that, but I do have a thought. I suggest we combine our forces, perhaps with the other free nations like Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Japan to suggest a few, to send our specialized troops to rescue these girls. I can only imagine that our elite forces, such as our Seals, Rangers, CIA, and Marines would gladly knock on the door of Boko Haram and get these girls back. Why? Because these girls aren’t somebody else’s girls. They are your girls. They are our girls.

GO! Now what are you going to do about it? Well, you could do nothing and try yo forget about these young girls living in a nightmarish hell on earth. That would be terribly sad. Sad for the girls, yes. But actually sadder for you.

Or… you can write to every public official you can think of. And you can write to every press and broadcast organization for which you can find the email or postal address. If you don’t know what to write, copy and paste this.  But just write. Just spread the word. As Kristoff said, “Bring back our girls.”

Finally,and most importantly,  if you believe in God, pray. Pray fervently. And pray faithfully until our girls are brought back home.


Bay News 9 … again

Living in the Tampa Bay Florida area, I have, in the past, really enjoyed Bay News 9. But that’s rapidly changing. Today, in PolitiFact or whatever they call it, they analyzed Sen Marco Rubio’s statement that no other country had gun rights as provided in our 2nd Amendment. They reported that this is mostly true. Then they went on to say Mexico and Guatemala (I think) had the same rights … EXCEPT FOR SOME RESTRICTIONS. I guess, Bay News 9, that there is no other country and he was completely accurate.

The Florida Legislature and Illegal Alien Resident Tuition

Our benevolent Florida legislature and governor approved resident tuition for illegal aliens. Illegal aliens, for the most part, don’t pay taxes, don’t pay for medical care, auto insurance or other things that legal residents pay. On the other hand, most legal residents pay their just legal and social obligations. And now they, legal residents, will also continue to pay for the extra burden incurred by encouraging illegal aliens to remain as such.

We The People

Our government is actually a collection of people operating fairly anonymously behind the cloak of that moniker. In their anonymity they act without direct responsibility or accountability to the citizens at large.
Thus, the anonymous can make decisions, influence policy and trade favors in order to effect their personal agenda. For the most part, they have collectively betrayed the trust and confidence of “we the people.” And the people are virtually powerless to stop the momentum of an increasingly intrusive government invading privacy, restricting rights and denying access.
The vote has become the child of the dollar, domestic and foreign, and is more readily influenced by those in power rather than the minority who actually vote. The open gates of immigration expose the country to undue influence on free enterprise, drain resources without corresponding contribution and expose national security to enormous risk. At the same time, many want to disarm the citizenry, increase police power and reduce the size of the military.
While the beliefs of Christianity are oppressed by any segment with a contrary belief system, a high school in Fort Collins Colorado recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic and changed “God” to “Allah.”
The intelligence and enforcement communities have done a commendable job of detecting and deterring terrorist intrusions. But Boston happened. It will not be the last attempt. And likely, it will not be the last very unfortunate success.
The conclusion then would be that “we the people” are subject to attack from without, and within. As German citizens did long before WWII, it seems Americans, for the most part, have turned an apathetic eye. Chaos looms. The question then remains, “Who will rescue the most powerful nation when it falls?”