Choice Is Not The Answer

I believe God when He said you should not murder.And I trust my conscience to know that it is wrong to take a life. I know life begins at conception. I didn’t say believe, I said know. What is abortion if it is not stopping a life? And because it stops a life intentionally, it is murder. Thus, what is contained in this video and conversation is very sad. And it is contrary to God’s will for us. It is a willful dismissal and termination of a life. And as suspected by the reporters asking the question, a trivialization. How is it that when an abortion is sought by the mother, it is OK. But if she is murdered and the baby dies, the murderer is guilty of two murders? Yes, abortion is murder, no matter whose choice it is. And neither it nor the baby are trivial. Choice is not the answer.

Thankfully, for those who confess, repent (change their way of living) and trust in Jesus their Savior, there is forgiveness. And in His forgiveness, there is peace, comfort and hope.