Michael Brown, Darren Wilson and Justice

 Michael Brown. Michael Brown. Michael Brown.I have no idea whether the shooting was justified or not. I do know it is unreasonable to venerate Michael Brown. He was quite apparently capable of punk, criminal behavior, aggressive and violent. Nobody is screaming civil rights violations for his roughing up the convenience store owner, who did not appear to be black, as he stole from the store. Nobody is screaming civil rights violations or calling for an investigation of death threats made against the family or officer involved in the shooting.

Nobody is screaming racial motivation or civil rights violations for the elderly white woman who was robbed and severely injured by 3 black youths as she was leaving a Publix grocery store. Nobody is screaming civil rights violations for the 11 year old girl who was killed in a drive by shooting recently. Why? Because she was black and so were the shooters? Does that mean civil rights aren’t violated if the perpetrator and the victim are of the same race? Nobody is screaming civil rights violations for the store owners whose store were looted by black thugs.

And let’s get off the “unarmed teenager” bandwagon. There are obviously plenty of “unarmed teenagers” that are violent criminals. The three who stole the purse of the elderly woman, knocking her to the ground and seriously injuring her, sure looked like “unarmed teenagers.”

Lt’s get off the race and civil rights band wagons and let the law and justice system run its course. And let’s let go of the poor pitiful Pearl cry that Michael was an “unarmed teenager.” I’m not saying his civil rights weren’t violated. And it is sad that he died. But let’s call it what it is; a police shooting that demands a thorough investigation. Let our system of justice work and let’s not acquit Michael or convict Darren without the facts.