The Sovereign State

Obama has just announced that he is sending Eric Holder to Ferguson, Missouri. Once again, the line of state sovereignty has been blurred. Like state highway speed limits*, the issue in Ferguson is a local issue. If there is no impartial oversight of this shooting investigation locally, then the State of Missouri should step in. The Federal government should only jump in when there is a strong probability of a civil rights violation. But just because this man (the argument that he was only a teenager is negated by the fact that he was very large) was black and the cop was white, doesn’t mean that this was racially motivated. And in the absence of evidence to that, the AG has no business in Ferguson. And the FBI should only be ordered into the investigation if the state has requested help due to a lack of resources.

And now, Obama has said he’ll be watching over the National Guard deployment to see whether or not it is doing any good. It’s not his job. It is the purview of the Governor of the State of Missouri, not the President.


* Interstate speed limits are effectively set by the Federal Government, even though, in my opinion, they should be set by the state. If a state fails to comply with the Fed’s wishes in establishing



The Need for a Change of Focus

The ever increasing uproar in Ferguson and the constant focus is very wearing. First of all, not one credible witness statement has been made. Yes, there have been several who say they know what happened. But like the proverbial 10 witnesses to an accident, each with his own story, none of the witnesses is credible until there has been a proper, unbiased vetting process. All the statements made heretofore have been made in the ‘heat of battle.”

It’s fairly certain,¬†everyone will get their day in court. There certainly has been more than enough publicity. Now we have many miniature ‘Al Sharpton’s’ thinking they all need a soapbox to vent. And those are the peaceful ones.

In most cities, even to have a peaceful gathering you often have to get a permit. Good grief, you have to get a permit just to have a block party. But in the face of what most might consider a questionable shooting we now have mass gatherings blocking traffic, violent looting, throwing of bricks, bottles, stones, and firebombs. And there has been gunfire. Not by the police, but by the people that are screaming for peace and taunting and mocking the police. And they can say it’s the other guy, that the troublemakers are not from Ferguson,, but if they weren’t creating the cover of the crowd that affords anonymity, the shooters wouldn’t be so tough as to jump out by themselves. The honorable citizens are creating the theater where the criminals are using the stage.

Of course, the temptation to dive into the fray even got Obama and Holder jumping into the streets of Ferguson. Really? Does Obama think speaking from a 3 week vacation in Maratha’s Vineyard has any credibility? It certainly hasn’t calmed the crowd. And since when does Holder have the right to order an autopsy? Would he have done this if the cop had been shot. Well, he better get on the phone because there are plenty of cops who are shot every year. The Federal government shouldn’t be getting involved in state and local issues. Both Obama & Holder need to practice restraint. They are not black enough (they are people of privilege) to identify with the people of Ferguson. And as the Federal government, they have no place violating the sovereignty of the State of Missouri. This is not George Wallace’s Alabama, at least that we know of with any certainty.

The media is just as frustrating. CNN’s Don Lemon is standing in front of the camera reporting hearsay as if it has a high degree of credibility. There has been no independent verification. He hasn’t done any fact checking. But to the casual viewer (most who aren’t paying close attention) it sounds like he is reporting facts. His casual, hearsay reporting is nothing less than inflammatory … self fulfilling job security for a reporter.

So, the message should be, “Go home. Every body, go home. Let our system of justice, as fallible as it may be, do what it is intended to do. There is nothing you can do to bring Michael Brown back to life. And you’re not going to get away with lynching Darren Wilson. So go home. Wailing and gnashing of teeth accomplishes nothing.

A final note … let’s change our focus to the persecution and execution of religious minorities in the mid-east, the innocent men, women & children. And lest the agnostics and atheists think this is an over-reaction, they should remember that as they are not of Islam, they too are targets.